2012 Meeting

Minutes of the Avon Fishing Association Annual General Meeting held at the Glazebrook House Hotel on the 31st January 2012 at 7.30pm

Present: David Bewick, Patrick Bromley, David Brooks, Mike Cooper, Dennis Dawes, Brian Dent (Secretary), Paul Edginton, Dave Farnworth, Mick Jones, Judy Martin, Richard Martin, Chris Peach (President), Tim Reavell (Treasurer), John Roberts.

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting. He agreed to stand in as Chairman for the AGM in the absence of Paul Kenyon due to sickness.� On behalf of all members he wished Paul and also Aidin a speedy recovery.

1. Apologies were received from, Ralph Congreve, Paddy Daly, Trevor Enion, J. Gordon, Jonathon

Hassell, Nick Hawkins, Harry Jonas, Aidin Kenyon, Paul Kenyon (Chairman), Derek Locket, Steve

Lowe, Derek Myhill, Malcolm Pickup, Steve Pollock, Mike Robinson, and Alex Rutherford.

2. Minutes of the last AGM held on the 25th January 2011: There were no corrections, Proposed

DF, seconded TR. Duly signed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising: The only matter arising had been actioned last year by a letter sent to all members urging them to use their own restraint so that collectively the AFA achieves a 70% return figure over the season for migratory fish. This was achieved and details given in the Chairman�s report.

4. Chairman�s Report: CP read out the Chairman�s report (a copy will be posted on the AFA

website). He recorded his thanks to PK for his comprehensive and detailed report for what had been a very good and positive year for the Association and also for Paul�s fortitude in dealing with a number of planning and other matters since the last AGM.

Matters arising from the Chairman�s Report: There were no questions.

5. Treasurer�s Report: The Treasurer read out his report that included proposed minor increases to fees (4.76%) that now included �5 worth of visitor tickets and also an increase of rents by 5%.� Agreed, Proposed DD, seconded JR, �All in favour.

There was one question over the timely recovery of weekly ticket income before the year end.

The Chairman thanked Tim Reavell for all his work in committee and his important contribution to the AFA over the past few years and wished him well on his move to Wales.

6. Changes to the AFA rules. Three changes to the AFA rules proposed by the Committee were considered:

Rule 5. In order to assist the Membership Secretary with the forthcoming move to a direct debit scheme, the following amendment was proposed �Members wishing to renew their membership must do so by the 1st March� should be changed to read �Members wishing to renew their membership must do so by the 15th February�.

DM asked what would be the consequences of late or non payment. It was agreed that if Direct Debits had been accepted by the bank or if payment by other means were made before the agreed date then this issue may not be a problem, In the meantime personal financial situations���������������������������������������� would be looked upon with discretion by the committee.

Proposed JR seconded DF: vote carried, 10 for, 2 against.

Rule 6(b). The phrase �at a cost of �5.00 per book�� be removed. The rule would then read: �A season ticket holder under rule 5 of the Association shall be entitled to be issued with one book of� 5 Temporary day tickets, which may be used by a resident member of his family or a guest. Each such ticket when used will have the name of the user and date clearly entered on the space shown on the back before he or she goes on the river. Trafficking in these tickets is forbidden�.�

Proposed DF Seconded TR. Agreed; All in favour.�������

Rule 11. In order to update current rules the following amendment was proposed: to read �No member is allowed to retain from the Association�s water below Brent Old Bridge more than 2 brown trout during one day�s fishing�.

PE supported this amendment as it was in line with our conservation policy.

Proposed JR, Seconded PE. Agreed; Votes for 9, Abstentions 2, against 1�����������������������������������

7. That members be asked to adopt the following resolution: �That the Committee be

��� authorised to purchase water that might become available without calling a special meeting

��� of members, and at their discretion borrow any monies necessary�:

Proposed by DM, Seconded by DF, Agreed; Votes For 9, Abstentions� 1, Votes against 2

8. Election of Secretary: Brian Dent was proposed by DD and seconded by

��� JR. Passed unanimously.

9. Election of Treasurer: Patrick Bromley was proposed by TR and seconded

��� by JR. Passed unanimously.

10. Election of Committee: The current Committee members namely Mike Cooper, Dennis Dawes, Brian Dent, Paul Edginton, Dave Farnworth, Paul Kenyon and John Roberts agreed to stand again and were all re-elected unanimously. DF proposed Trevor Ennion join the committee, seconded MC. There were 7 in favour and 5 abstentions. The chairman on behalf of all members thanked the committee for their collective work during the past year and then welcomed Trevor (in his absence) and also Patrick Bromley as Treasurer to the committee.

11. AOB:���� Mick Jones was concerned about the fence on the lower water at Venn. It had

deteriorated to the extent that fishing from the bank was now impossible in many places along the

stretch. It was agreed to discuss this matter at the next meeting.

12 DONM There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.41pm. The date of the next

AGM will be Tuesday 29th Jan 2013.

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