Bank Clearing Code of Practice

Members will be informed at the end of the season of the days on which Bank Clearing or river improvement activities will be taking place. Any operation will aim to improve the accessibility of the fishing and at the same time maximise the potential of the river as a salmonid fishery. It will necessary for any person attending a bank clearing session for the first time, to sign an Acceptance of Work Practices and Disclaimer of Responsibility Document.

Before any work commences the organiser of the bank clearing will have prepared a risk assessment document relative to the work proposed for that day.

One person will be in charge of ensuring that work is carried out under the following safety precautions:

  1. An Ordnance Survey Reference for an access point to the area of work should be known.
  2. A mobile telephone should be available and people taking part must be aware of the location of the nearest public telephone.
  3. Anyone using a power saw should be aware of the rules relating to their use and wear the appropriate clothing.
  4. A comprehensive first aid box should be available.
  5. There should be an exclusion zone of 5 metres around anyone using a power saw and a clear signal should be given before the commencement of sawing and again at the end. 
  6. A safety rope should be available which could be used as a lifeline.
  7. No person should work alone.
  8. All injuries should be recorded and the secretary informed as soon as possible.
  9. A car should be readily available in case of emergency.
  10. All participants should be aware of the need for operating in a safe way at all times.
  11. Owners of land on which the work is taking place should be informed of the details of the work and date of the operation.
  12. Prior to the operation the organisers of the work party should have carried out a survey and decided the details of the work programme. 
  13. Large material to be removed should be identified by a paint mark. 
  14. The site should be left clean and tidy.
  15. A risk survey document should be prepared prior to the operation.

River Management Jan to March 2012:

The river is pretty fishable and to date there is no major work to be done.
These are the things John Roberts would like to do in 2012: 

  • Remove the overhanging branches at the weir. We have been given permission to do so by the owner. Plus any light trimming between Beehives and Alex Rutherford’s water 
  • The removal of minor overhangs above Gara Bridge, and above and below Kerrydowns
  • Work on the stretch below Gara Bridge which will entail:
    • 1. Removal of branches that are hanging in the water and the ivy near the bottom of the stretch
    • 2. Coppicing of Hazel on two shaded areas of the river
    • 3. Trimming the coppicing we began three years ago
  • Repair of Bramble Pool and extension of work there to protect root systems of large trees

Dates for the work are: 5/12/19 February 4/11 March I have chosen five dates in case of cancellations due to inclement weather.

Prepared by John Roberts (16/1/12)

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